Bath Mats & Rugs

Add those all-important finishing touches to your bathroom with Christy’s beautiful range of luxury bath mats and rugs. Every mat or rug is made using 100% cotton, which provides excellent absorbency, superior softness and ultra fast drying properties. Discover wide range of elegant and soft bath mats and rugs below.

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Christy Bath Rug

Available in 29 colours

Made with 100% Cotton, 2000 GSM.

  • WhiteChristy Bath Rug White
  • AlmondChristy Bath Rug Almond
  • Ash GreyChristy Bath Rug Ash Grey
  • BlushChristy Bath Rug Blush
  • Chamomile Christy Bath Rug Chamomile
  • Deep SeaChristy Bath Rug Deep Sea
  • Dove GreyChristy Bath Rug Dove Grey
  • DriftwoodChristy Bath Rug Driftwood
  • Eggshell BlueChristy Bath Rug Eggshell Blue
  • FigChristy Bath Rug Fig
  • GraphiteChristy Bath Rug Graphite
  • Green FernChristy Bath Rug Green Fern
  • Green TeaChristy Bath Rug Green Tea
  • HoneyChristy Bath Rug Honey
  • LagoonChristy Bath Rug Lagoon
  • LimeadeChristy Bath Rug Limeade
  • MochaChristy Bath Rug Mocha
  • PaprikaChristy Bath Rug Paprika
  • ParchmentChristy Bath Rug Parchment
  • PeonyChristy Bath Rug Peony
  • PetrolChristy Bath Rug Petrol
  • PinkChristy Bath Rug Pink
  • RaspberryChristy Bath Rug Raspberry
  • SilverChristy Bath Rug Silver
  • SkyChristy Bath Rug Sky
  • Soft ChambrayChristy Bath Rug Soft Chambray
  • StoneChristy Bath Rug Stone
  • ThistleChristy Bath Rug Thistle
  • ChartreuseChristy Bath Rug Chartreuse

Supreme Hygro Bath Mat

Available in 18 colours

Made with 100% Cotton, 1000GSM.

  • AlmondChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Almond
  • BlushChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Blush
  • Deep SeaChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Deep Sea
  • GraphiteChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Graphite
  • Green TeaChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Green Tea
  • HoneyChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Honey
  • LagoonChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Lagoon
  • LimeadeChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Limeade
  • MidnightChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Midnight
  • MochaChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Mocha
  • PaprikaChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Paprika
  • PinkChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Pink
  • RaspberryChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Raspberry
  • SilverChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Silver
  • SkyChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Sky
  • StoneChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Stone
  • ThistleChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Thistle
  • WhiteChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat White
  • Bath MatChristy Supreme Hygro Bath Mat Chartreuse

Fina Bath Mat

Available in 5 colours

Made with 100% Cotton, 1500 GSM.

  • WhiteFina Bath Mat White
  • French GreyFina Bath Mat French Grey
  • PearlFina Bath Mat Pearl
  • SootFina Bath Mat Soot
  • StoneFina Bath Mat Stone

Plush Bath Mat

Available in 7 colours

Made with 100% Cotton, 620 GSM.

  • CreamPlush Bath Mat Cream
  • Duck EggPlush Bath Mat Duck Egg
  • FawnPlush Bath Mat Fawn
  • ShalePlush Bath Mat Shale
  • StonewashPlush Bath Mat Stonewash
  • WisteriaPlush Bath Mat Wisteria
  • WhitePlush Bath Mat White

Capsule Stripe Rug

Available in 4 colours

Made with 100% Cotton, 2000 GSM.


  • BerryCapsule Stripe Bath Rug Berry
  • AquaCapsule Stripe Rug Aqua
  • BlueCapsule Stripe Rug Blue
  • SpiceCapsule Stripe Rug Spice
  • NeutralCapsule Stripe Rug Neutral

Christy’s range of bath mats and rugs are renowned for providing a beautifully soft, thick and luxurious landing when you step out of the shower or bath. What’s more, the latex backing, provides a non-slip layer onto the rug, keeping it safe and secure.

Our collections include the classic Christy Bath Rug which is available in 40 stunning colours, the super-absorbent Supreme Hygro Bath Mat and the eye-catching Spectrum Shower Mat that will add a pop of colour to any bathroom. Each collection comes in a range of sizes to perfectly suit your bathroom.

Whatever your style, you’re sure to find the perfect bath mat for you.