Luxury & Quality Towels

Wrap yourself up in Christy's stunning range of luxury towels, made with only the finest quality cotton to give you wonderful softness, exceptional absorbency, and outstanding durability. Our iconic towel collections, including Supreme Hygro, Royal Turkish, Renaissance and more, feature coordinating items such as bath mats and bathrobes so you can achieve a completed look that is modern, yet timeless.

Take a look at our stunning range of towels, available in a range of colours, styles and sizes, below.


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Christy Renaissance Towels

Available in 12 colours

Made with 100% Egyptian Cotton, 675 GSM.

  • Renaissance WhiteChristy Renaissance White
  • EggShell BlueChristy Renaissance EggShell Blue
  • Dove GreyChristy Renaissance Dove Grey
  • Fern GreenChristy Renaissance Fern Green
  • FigChristy Renaissance Fig
  • DriftwoodChristy Renaissance Driftwood
  • Soft ChambrayChristy Renaissance Soft Chambray
  • MinkChristy Renaissance Mink
  • PeonyChristy Renaissance Peony
  • ParchmentChristy Renaissance Parchment
  • ChamomileChristy Renaissance Chamomile
  • Ash GreyChristy Renaissance Ash Grey


Available in 12 colours

Made with 100% Cotton, 550GSM.

  • Prism Stripe Eton MessChristy Prism Stripe Eton Mess
  • Prism Stripe JungleChristy Prism Stripe Jungle
  • Prism Stripe Tutti FruttiChristy Prism Stripe Tutti Frutti
  • WhitewashChristy Prism Towels Whitewash
  • Taxi CabChristy Prism Towels Taxi Cab
  • OrangeadeChristy Prism Towels Orangeade
  • Fire EngineChristy Prism Towels Fire Engine
  • Very BerryChristy Prism Towels Very Berry
  • Crushed GrapeChristy Prism Towels Crushed Grape
  • Blue VelvetChristy Prism Towels Blue Velvet
  • PoolsideChristy Prism Towels Poolside
  • MojitoChristy Prism Towels Mojito
  • AbsintheChristy Prism Towels Absinthe
  • TarmacChristy Prism Towels Tarmac
  • BlackoutChristy Prism Towels Blackout


Available in Chalk and Linen
Made with 100% Cotton, 600GSM.

  • Adlington ChalkChristy Adlington Towels Chalk
  • Adlington LinenChristy Adlington Towels Linen


Available in White/Silver, White/Gold and Ink.

Made with 100% Cotton, 600 GSM.

  • Mode in White/SilverChristy Mode Towels in White/Silver
  • Mode FlintChristy Mode Towels Flint
  • Mode in InkChristy Mode Towels in Ink

Supreme Hygro

Available in 18 colours

Made with 100% Supima Combed Cotton, 650 GSM.

  • WhiteChristy Supreme Hygro® White
  • GraphiteChristy Supreme Hygro® Graphite
  • ChartreuseChristy Supreme Hygro® Chartreuse
  • KingfisherChristy Supreme Hygro® Kingfisher
  • SilverChristy Supreme Hygro® Silver
  • RaspberryChristy Supreme Hygro® Raspberry
  • PaprikaChristy Supreme Hygro® Paprika
  • StoneChristy Supreme Hygro® Stone
  • MochaChristy Supreme Hygro® Mocha
  • Green TeaChristy Supreme Hygro® Green Tea
  • PetrolChristy Supreme Hygro® Petrol
  • Deep SeaChristy Supreme Hygro® Deep Sea
  • BlushChristy Supreme Hygro® Blush
  • AlmondChristy Supreme Hygro® Almond
  • SkyChristy Supreme Hygro® Sky
  • LagoonChristy Supreme Hygro® Lagoon
  • HoneyChristy Supreme Hygro® Honey
  • PinkChristy Supreme Hygro® Pink
  • ThistleChristy Supreme Hygro® Thistle


Available in White/Grey
Made with 100% Cotton Hammam Towel, 210 GSM.

  • MarocChristy Maroc Towel


Available in 3 colours
Made with 100% Cotton, 550 GSM.

  • Sherwood Charcoal Christy Sherwood Charcoal
  • Sherwood Turquoise Christy Sherwood Turquoise
  • Sherwood BlueChristy Sherwood Blue


Available in Linen.
Made with 60% Cotton and 40% Viscose, 650GSM.

  • Kasbah LinenChristy Kasbah Towels Linen


Available in 8 colours
Made with 100% Turkish Areotwist Cotton, 600GSM.

  • Brighton WhiteChristy Brighton Towels White
  • Brighton MintChristy Brighton Towels Mint
  • Brighton Soft CoralChristy Brighton Towels Soft Coral
  • Brighton OpalChristy Brighton Towels Opal
  • Brighton PuttyChristy Brighton Towels Putty
  • Brighton IndigoChristy Brighton Towels Indigo
  • Brighton WillowChristy Brighton Towels Willow
  • Brighton TitaniumChristy Brighton Towels Titanium


Available in 9 colours

Made with 100% Turkish Cotton, 700GSM.

  • LimewashChristy Harrogate Towels Limewash
  • SeascapeChristy Harrogate Towels Seascape
  • FlintChristy Harrogate Towels Flint
  • WhiteChristy Harrogate Towels White
  • PebbleChristy Harrogate Towels Pebble
  • MulberryChristy Harrogate Towels Mulberry
  • Indian InkChrity Harrogate Towels Indian Ink
  • SandstoneChristy Harrogate Towels Sandstone
  • HennaChristy Harrogate Towels Henna


Available in 6 colours

Made with 100% Plush Turkish Cotton, 730 GSM.

  • Luxe WhiteChristy Luxe Towels White
  • French GreyChristy Luxe Towels French Grey
  • PearlChristy Luxe Towels Pearl
  • SootChristy Luxe Towels Soot
  • Luxe SurfChristy Luxe Towels Surf
  • DenimChristy Luxe Towels Denim
  • Luxe OpalChristy Luxe Towels Opal
  • Luxe BlackChristy Luxe Towels Black


Made with 100% Cotton, 550 GSM.
Available in 6 colours.

  • Blossom WhiteChristy Blossom White
  • Blossom SilverChristy Blossom Silver
  • Blossom Blush Christy Blossom Blush
  • Blossom StonewashChristy Blossom Stonewash
  • Blossom Birch Christy Blossom Birch
  • Blossom Eggshell Christy Blossom Eggshell


Available in Linen
Made with 500GSM, 98% Cotton 2% Lurex.

  • Versailles LinenChristy Versailles Linen


Available in 4 colours

Made with a blend of cotton and modal, 630 GSM

  • LinenChristy Pimlico Towels Linen
  • SmokeChristy Pimlico Towels Smoke
  • Spa BlueChristy Pimlico Towels Spa Blue
  • EcruChristy Pimlico Towels Ecru


Available in 4 colours.

Made with 65% Cotton and 35% Modal, 550 GSM.

  • French GreyChristy Palais Towels French Grey
  • PearlChristy Palais Towels Pearl
  • SootChristy Palais Towels Soot
  • Palais WhiteChristy Palais Towels White


Available in 2 colours
Made with 100% Cotton, 600 GSM.

  • Casablanca PuttyChristy Casablanca Towels Putty
  • Casablanca PetrolChristy Casablanca Towels Petrol


Available in 3 colours
Made with 100% Cotton, 480 GSM.

  • Alto French GreyChristy Alto Towels French Grey
  • Alto DenimChristy Alto Towels Denim
  • Alto SurfChristy Alto Towels Surf

Since 1850, Christy has provided modern yet luxurious towels to dedicated customers around the world. Made using only the finest quality cotton, Christy towels are soft, stylish and long-lasting.
Our team of British designers prides themselves on dedicating as much attention to detail with small face cloths as they do large bath sheets, so you can be sure you'll receive a high-quality, well-designed product every time. Why not join millions of others and own your own piece of luxury today with Christy.

With a range of sizes and options, including face cloths, hand towels, guest towels, bath towels, bath sheets and jumbo bath sheets to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Why not complete the look with a coordinating bath mat so you and can be wrapped in luxury from the top of your head to the tips of your toes. Find out more about how we use our superior fibres and cottons here.