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Wrap yourself in luxury with a warm and fluffy bathrobe from Christy, giving you a spa experience in your very own home. Our 100% cotton bathrobes use shades from the Christy towelling range so that you can coordinate your robe with your towel collection or simply choose a colour that suits you.

Why not make your bathrobe unique to you with stunning embroidered personalisation, available in a range of colours and fonts, the perfect gift for friends, family and yourself.

Discover our range of comfortable and elegant bathrobes below.

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Supreme Velour Robe

Available in 5 colours

Made with 100% Cotton, 400GSM.

  • Supreme Robe WhiteChristy Supreme Velour Robe White
  • Deep SeaChristy Supreme Velour Robe Deep Sea
  • GraphiteChristy Supreme Velour Robe Graphite
  • RaspberryChristy Supreme Velour Robe Raspberry
  • ThistleChristy Supreme Velour Robe Thistle

Brixton Robe

Available in White and Midnight.
Made with 100% cotton, 400 GSM.

  • Brixton Robe White Brixton Robe White
  • Brixton Robe Midnight Brixton Robe Midnight

Super Soft Bath Robe

Available in 4 colours.
Made with 48% Cotton 52% Polyester, 320 GSM.

  • Super Soft Robe White Super Soft Robe - White
  • Super Soft Robe Tarmac Super Soft Robe - Tarmac
  • Super Soft Robe PoolsideSuper Soft Robe - Poolside
  • Super Soft Robe Crushed Grape Super Soft Robe - Crushed Grape

Acorn Robes

Available in 3 colours
Made with 100% cotton, 248 GSM.

  • Acorn Robe CoralChristy Junior Acorn Robe Coral
  • Acorn Robe MidnightChristy Junior Acorn Robe Midnight
  • Acorn Robe TitaniumChristy Junior Acorn Robe Titanium

Windsor Robe

Available in Grey.
Made with 100% Cotton, 360GSM.

  • Windsor GreyChristy Windsor Robe Grey

Luxury Egyptian Robes

Available in White and Graphite

Made with 100% Egyptian Cotton

  • Luxury Egyptian Robe WhiteChristy Luxury Egyptian Robes White
  • Luxury Egyptian Robe GraphiteChristy Luxury Egyptian Robe Graphite

Faraday Robe

Available in Linen
Made with 80% Linen and 20% Cotton.

  • Faraday RobeChristy Faraday Robe

Mali Robe

Available in Opal and Slate
Made with 65% Cotton and 35% Viscose.

  • Mali Robe WhiteChristy Mali Robe White
  • Mali Robe SlateChristy Mali Robe Slate


The perfect companion to your bathroom linens, our range of bathrobes will look great hung on the bathroom door, or laid on a bed for your guests to enjoy.
All of our bathrobes are unisex and come in a wide selection of sizes and colours, from subtle neutral tones to more vibrant and contemporary shades.

Our bathrobes are made from soft, absorbent cotton fibres that feel soft against the skin, soaking up any moisture when you’re fresh out of the bath.