Bed Linens & Duvet Sets

Discover our collection of luxury bed linen and duvet covers - available in a range of stunning colour palettes, quality fabrics, and exclusive patterns. From bed linen designs inspired by historic fabrics to contemporary, crisp white sheets, there is a style to suit any bedroom.

Each piece within our bed linen and duvet collection is available in a thread count of 180 or higher, giving you a luxuriously soft handle yet a crisp, clean look.

Browse our modern yet timeless bed linen range below.

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Bed Linens & Duvet Sets

At Christy, we produce bed linen sets that help you achieve a luxe, hotel-quality look in your own bedroom. Our bed linens are available in a range of sizes including single, double, king size and super king.

We use our own in-house designers to illustrate and bring our stunning bed linens and duvet covers to life, whether you're looking for vibrant prints, crisp white cotton or inspired vintage patterns, we have the perfect bed linen for you and your style.

Each of our bed linens is created with only the best cotton and a high thread count to give you that soft and high quality feel that helps you get a restful night sleep. Learn more about our thread count options in our useful sheet guide.

Since 1850, Christy has continuously provided loyal customers with the highest quality products available. Why not join us and discover the ultimate in modern luxury.