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At Christy we pride ourselves on providing the best quality linen and towels at affordable prices.  Shop our selection of discounted or end of line products to get the best deals on sumptuous bed sheets, the softest towels and enjoy that luxurious Christy feeling every morning and night.

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26 Items

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26 Items

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Malverley Ochre

From: £50.00

Sanctuary Bamboo

From: £1.20

Leopard by Kingsley

From: £21.00

Taxi Cab

From: £2.10

Prism Mojito

From: £2.10

Prism Absinthe

From: £2.10

Lace Throw Ochre

From: £30.00


From: £76.00


From: £52.00


From: £52.00

Bobbi Mineral

From: £44.00

Bobbi Sunshine

From: £36.00

Matsuko Moss

From: £120.00


From: £52.00

Newton Teal

From: £2.50

Leaf Fronds

From: £56.00

Giverny Jade

From: £40.00

Camden Jade

From: £22.00

Liza Teal

From: £84.00

Tempo Ochre

From: £1.50

Tempo Mineral

From: £1.50

26 Items

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26 Items

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