Beach Towels

Every season comes with its’ own sights, sounds and smells, although summer does have a distinct advantage over the other seasons: the sound of waves crashing and gulls calling, children squealing as they chase each other through the shallow surf, blue vistas, fresh green palms and coconut scented lotion. That’s why they call it paradise. And here at Christy, we’ve added another sense to the mix and that’s the ultra soft feeling of 100% cotton terrycloth against salt-kissed skin.

Beach Towels

Enjoy the Sun in Style

It’s that one rectangle of luxurious fabric where you can stretch out on your own private island in a sea of hot sand. And if you should merely be spending a lazy afternoon by the pool instead of basking on an actual beach, well, that’s almost as good. But wherever you happen to be, right now at Christy you can get our Supreme Hygro® jumbo towel or our stunningly bright cabana beach towels to take your relaxation to the level.

Each towel is looped on one side for maximum absorption, with velour on the other for maximum relaxation. And I need hardly mention our gorgeous colors and patterns.