8 Calming Bedroom Ideas for a Soothing Sleep

Your bedroom should be a space devoid of the pressures of the day, and one that encourages you to unwind and relax - and ultimately, get a great night’s sleep. 

As luxury bedding specialists, we know just how to transform your space into the ultimate sleep sanctuary. In this post, our experts run through a comprehensive list of calming bedroom ideas proven to help you slip into a deep, peaceful sleep.

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Calming bedroom ideas to help you unwind

Considering the vital connection between rest and our overall well-being, the bedroom deserves both attention and investment. Our experts have chosen the following calming bedroom ideas to help you decorate your space and create a soothing atmosphere in your home.

1. Choose a relaxing colour scheme

The colours we choose to surround ourselves with can significantly impact how we’re feeling. Since the bedroom is typically used to find comfort, a relaxing colour scheme can help you feel calmer and more at ease.

A mix of neutral and desaturated shades, like beige, cream, and taupe, can create a restful feeling in the bedroom. Light pastels like sky blues, soft pinks, and sage greens can also evoke a strong sense of serenity - particularly when combined with pale grey and crisp white.

2. Introduce natural materials

Bringing in natural materials is key to lowering stress levels and boosting our sense of well-being. Houseplants don’t just make great aesthetic additions to your bedside table decor, but their air-purifying and oxygenating qualities mean they also create a soothing environment for us to relax in.

Similarly, using other elements of greenery and natural materials like wood to accessorise the space can elevate the calming bedroom atmosphere. Since these natural elements are typically quite understated, they can be complemented with a pop colour through a vibrant throw or an upholstered bed to balance out the muted tones.

3. Keep your space clutter-free

Clutter can affect your ability to switch off and wind down. By keeping your bedroom clutter-free, it will be easier to relax and clear your mind ready for a deep and restful slumber. 

When it comes to calming bedroom ideas on a budget, you can reduce any mess by clearing surface clutter into stylish baskets and hanging up clothes or bathrobes you’ve left hanging over chairs. Investing in an ottoman-style bed with hidden storage space can also help reduce clutter and clear your mind ready for a soothing night of sleep.

4. Say goodbye to electronics

Designed to keep our minds active, the constant use of technology and electronics can prevent you from fully switching off. Removing these devices from the bedroom can allow your brain to relax, free from noisy notifications and artificial blue light.

Bedtime curfews for electronic devices can help you stick to this approach by putting technology away two hours before bedtime, while simple additions can ease you into going to bed without your mobile phone; an angled light allows you to relax by reading a book instead of scrolling online.

5. Layer different textures

While a neutral palette has been proven to create a soothing bedroom environment, bringing in different textures can help keep these tones interesting and inject another dimension of decor into your bedroom. 

Simple ways to bring both softness and texture into your bedroom include waffled and cotton bedding, velvet cushions, rattan baskets, and upholstered headboards. For the most calming bedroom ideas, continue to stick to understated colours within these varying textures.

6. Consider the position of your bed

Changing the position of your bed is a big part of transforming your bedroom into a sanctuary for sleep. Following the laws of energy and feng shui, certain positions lend themselves to creating a more relaxing environment than others.

Beds positioned under the lower angle of a pitched ceiling are associated with negative energy that pushes the sleeper down while they rest. In a similar vein, beds placed under a window lack the symbolic support of a solid wall. The best position for your bed is as far away from the door as possible and with the addition of a supportive headboard. 

7. Incorporate patterns

Despite being visually appealing, bold graphic patterns don’t have a place in bedrooms designed to help you relax and unwind. Instead, smaller and more intricate patterns can be brought in to add depth alongside the previously explored neutral tones and rich textures.

A great way to use patterns in your bedroom while maintaining a soothing atmosphere is to take inspiration from the English country house style. With antique furnishings, rustic patterns and soft colours, this decor theme is sophisticated yet still evokes a feeling of complete relaxation. 

8. Invest in high-quality bedding

When it comes to calming bedroom ideas for a night of soothing sleep, the type of bedding you choose is arguably the most important purchase of all. For the ultimate night time wind down, cotton sateen bed sheets and high-quality duvet sets will take you straight to Cloud Nine.

As well as premium quality linen, investing in a high-quality bed and cloud-like mattress toppers can further help you create a sanctuary-like space in your bedroom where you can escape from the outside world.

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8 Calming Bedroom Ideas for a Soothing Sleep