Everything we love about the new Christy Wimbledon Towels

Pimm’s, strawberries and cream, green grass and lazy picnics. All this and more puts us in the mood for Wimbledon: this, and one of the iconic motifs of the tournament. The legendary towel.

Captured on screen and in the hands of world-class players, we’re forever proud to be the brand behind the Wimbledon towel. While we know every detail from its legacy to its technical composition, what we’re truly excited to share is our 2024 design. Read on to get inspired by a new take on a true classic. Centre Court is just around the corner.     

Wimbledon 2024 Championships Towel

Never ordinary, forever iconic

One of the most famous global tennis events, Wimbledon is richly woven with instantly recognisable images. One of these is the iconic Championships Towel, and Christy has been the official supplier for 37 years.

Draped over chairs and players’ shoulders, the Christy Wimbledon towel is naturally at the heart of the action every year. Unique in its classic Wimbledon green and purple colourway, it’s a cultural piece of iconography. This year, the new look celebrates the triumph, physicality and on-screen dynamism of the players.

Celebrating world-class on-screen action

The 2024 Championships Towel features players silhouetted, in motion to honour the dramatics and the excitement of the event. Here are the headlines on the design inspiration.

  • In play: using a complex manufacturing technique, the 2024 Championships Towel features male and female players in action. Combining two different coloured yarns and a halftone/marl shadow, the players seem caught in motion, their forms gently blurred at the edges. This striking effect is reversible with different colours on the back and front.   
  • A picture in portrait: shaking up the traditional landscape design, this year’s towel is presented in portrait. Inspired by the way players hold and use their towels, this complements their effect on camera without detracting from the on-screen action.
  • Mood boosting: every year Wimbledon select a seasonal towel design to run alongside their famous ‘Green and Purple’. Remember the hot pink variation last year? This year it’s all about mood-boosting colours based on the latest trends. In-depth trend research has paved the way for a calming, stress-busting 'Hyacinth & Lavender’ seasonal colourway.
  • Hygro technology: made with our patented Hygro technology, the emblematic 2024 Wimbledon towels are crafted from highly absorbent and extra-fluffy cotton, thanks to the yarn’s hollow core. This makes it the perfect fabric for sports and beach days.
Christy Wimbledon Towels

Make your summer iconic

Honouring British culture is all part of the Wimbledon experience. The Tournament’s 2024 Christy towels cherishes these traditions and the spirit of reinvention. To see the new design and place your order visit our store, or head to the Wimbledon official website to get the latest news on the event.


Everything we love about the new Christy Wimbledon Towels