Timeless Bathroom Colour Scheme Ideas

Get inspired by Christy's bathroom colour ideas and make every bathtime unforgettable with luxurious furnishings.

Choosing the perfect colour scheme for your bathroom is never easy, especially when new design trends are constantly emerging. That's why we at Christy believe in creating a timeless bathroom interior that will never go out of style.

Equipped with over 170 years of experience in crafting luxury bathroom products, the experts at Christy have pulled together their favourite bathroom colour scheme ideas that are sure to stand the test of time.

Your inspiration awaits...

Discover your perfect bathroom colour scheme

To craft a cohesive bathroom space, making sure all of your decor fits a set colour scheme is a must. You'll need to consider every part of your bathroom interior, from the colour of the walls and floors to the shade of your sumptuously soft bath towels.

When picking out your colour scheme, start by thinking about how you want the space to look and feel. You should also consider the amount of natural light your bathroom gets, as this can hugely affect which colours will bring the space to life the most.

Create your own at-home spa with neutral shades

Indulge in spa-like luxury every day by transforming your bathroom into a serene sanctuary. Colour plays a huge part in creating that relaxing bathtime atmosphere, so we recommend choosing neutral tones to make the space feel truly tranquil.

Shades of brown, beige, and off-white are perfect for this style of bathroom, and can easily be incorporated into the space through the towels you choose. Christy's thick and fluffy Renaissance towels come in a wide range of sophisticated neutral tones, which makes them the ideal choice.

Hang them on the back of the door, display them folded up on a shelf, or drape them over the edge of the bathtub to make them part of the decor. We even have matching Renaissance bath mats to tie the look together.

Once you've chosen your colour scheme, all that's left to do is add in some humidity-loving houseplants and get yourself a cosy cotton bathrobe to really get the full spa experience in the comfort of your own home.

Elevate your space with opulent jewel tones

Transform your bathroom into a paradise fit for royalty with a beautifully rich jewel colour palette. Regal colours like deep shades of blue, green, and purple are popular go-tos for creating a truly opulent space where you can unwind and relax after a long day.

Our Supreme Hygro towels are available in a variety of luxurious jewel tones, making them the perfect lavish bathroom accompaniment. Opt for a feature wall that matches the colour of your towels while keeping the rest of the walls off-white to really make the colours stand out and emphasise the aura of luxury.

For an even bolder colour scheme, Christy's Prism towels are sure to add a joyful vibrancy to your bathroom. Bold colours are a great option for small bathrooms or bathrooms that get very little natural light because they bring the space to life rather than making it appear dull and lifeless.

Keep it classic with an all-white palette

Nothing says timeless like an all-white bathroom colour scheme. It's a popular colour choice for bathrooms because of the clean, fresh look it creates and the fact that it works equally well in both modern and traditional bathrooms.

Since white is so popular, you certainly won't struggle to find white furnishings to match. White basins, vanity units, toilets, and baths come in many designs and textures, and so do Christy's white towels. If you want a towel that's soft, absorbent, and luxurious, our Luxe towel in white is the perfect choice.

All-white looks fantastic in larger bathrooms, but be careful about choosing an all-white scheme for a small bathroom. All-white can look stark and cold in small bathrooms, so you may want to add some pops of colour to breathe some life back into the space. Selecting colourful towels and bath mats can be a great way to do this, and our reversible bath rug comes in a wide range of shades.

Craft an indulgent spa-like sanctuary with Christy's bathroom collection

No matter which of our bathroom colour ideas have resonated with you the most, Christy's diverse and extensive range of luxury towels and bath mats has you covered.

No one does towels quite like Christy. Our bathroom essentials are not only perfect for bringing your whole bathroom together but are made from only the finest materials for a sumptuously soft feel.

Transform your bathroom into a tranquil oasis and make every bathtime magical with Christy's bathroom collection.
Timeless Bathroom Colour Scheme Ideas