Christy's towel size guide

Shopping online for towels can be challenging. You’re unable to feel the texture, read the label or even wrap the towel around yourself for size. Rather than blindly ordering a towel and hoping for the best, we’ve put together a simple size guide highlighting ideal uses for specific towel sizes, the individual sizes of our product and more details about the quality of our luxury towels.

Christy's towel size guide

Wash mitt

16cm x 22cm

Wash mitts, otherwise referred to as body mitts, are towelling mittens used for washing and gently exfoliating the body when showering or bathing and has been sized to fit a variety of hand measurements. Wash mitts make cleaning your body simpler and quicker and provide just the right amount of gentle exfoliation for softer, cleaner-feeling skin.

Face cloth

33cm x 33cm

Otherwise known as a washcloth or flannel, our square face cloths are typically larger than the standard 30cm x 30cm washcloths available on the market, providing a softer face cleaning experience. 

Our face cloths can be used wet to clean the face to dry the face after washing. Using a dry face cloth to dry the face is preferred by many as it prevents the crossover of lingering bacteria from hand towels to sensitive skin.

Guest towel

40cm x 76cm

Guest towels make a perfect addition to guest rooms and small WC facilities. Guest towels are smaller than hand towels but larger than face cloths, especially in length. This makes them a great multi-use towel for house guests and for use in AirBnBs and holiday chalets and small-living accommodations. 

Guest towels also make great essentials for personal use, from drying the hands and face to rough drying very short hair. This size towel also makes a great small gym towel to wick up sweat mid-workout and wipe down machinery after use.

Hand towel

50cm x 100cm

Slightly wider and longer in comparison to the guest towel, our hand towels have been specifically designed for use in guest rooms, half bathrooms, full family bathrooms and ensuites. 

They are soft and absorbent towels to gently dry your hands after using the bathroom or washing your hands. The dimensions allow these towels to be neatly displayed in the bathroom without having to learn fancy folding techniques and spend too much time arranging your towels.

Bath towel

75cm x 137cm

An essential part of any bathroom linen collection, our bath towels are larger than many available on the market allowing for a more luxurious bathing experience every day. You can never have too many bath towels! 

Their versatility means they can be used to dry adults and children after a bath or shower, as well as dry hair of all lengths. Our bath towels can also be rolled up and thrown into your gym bag for post-workout showers.

Bath sheet

90cm x 165cm

Larger and somewhat more luxurious in comparison to the bath towel, our bath sheets provide extra length and width so you can envelop yourself in a soft, warm towel after your bath or shower to dry you faster and keep you warmer. Bath sheets not only give a more luxurious after-bath experience but are preferred by many for the extra coverage they provide. Bath sheets can also be used as beach towels or for use by the pool to lend a soft surface to relax and dry off on.

Choosing the right towel

Choosing the right towel requires attention to detail and a surprising amount of research. Understanding GSM, absorbancy and the finer, more technical details of a towel can help avoid buying the wrong towel and wasting money! With so many on the market, it’s important to have an understanding of the types of towels available, what the details mean and why you should invest in a good towel.

What is the best GSM for towels?

GSM stands for grams per square meter and refers to the weight of the towel. The GSM impacts the towels’ density, absorbancy and how luxurious they feel. Our towel GSM ranges between 550 GSM to 730 GSM which sits on the higher end of the density range. On the market today, you’ll typically find towels with a GSM between 300 - 900.

Why is absorbancy important?

Absorbancy relates to how quickly the towel absorbs water and dries the body. A towel with higher absorbency and absorbs wetness into the towel is sought after in comparison to towels with lower absorbancy - and this is why towelling robes are favoured over velour robes after the shower! A towel with good absorption provides a more comfortable drying experience and doesn’t leave you feeling slightly sticky and damp after getting dressed. However, if you want the best of both worlds, our Supreme Velour Robes have a soft cotton towelling on the inside and a cosy velour on the outside. 

Long-lasting vibrant colours

When shopping for the perfect towels for your bathroom, you’ll likely have an idea of which colours you’d prefer and what would go best with your existing colour scheme and style. This is why choosing a towel with long-lasting vibrant colours is important. Wash after wash, our towels not only get softer, but they keep their colour and vibrancy so you can say goodbye to washed out tired-looking towels.

Softness after each wash

There aren’t many people who enjoy a rough towel, and often hard towels aren’t as absorbent and come about as a result of fibre damage caused by drying at a too high temperature or overuse of cleaning chemicals and softeners. With our towels, you’ll experience a towel that remains soft after every wash, time and time again. Meaning you can make the most out of your towels for years to come. However, those who do enjoy a towel with more texture will love our Brixton collection. These towels offer a woven texture whilst remaining soft and absorbent.

Should I invest in good towels?

Towels come in a vast variety of price ranges and greatly vary in quality! This can make it challenging when buying towels. Some affordable towels you find in the store may feel soft, but after wrapping yourself up after a shower it’s not uncommon to discover it’s not at all absorbent despite boasting its 100% cotton content. 

Here at Christy, we pride ourselves on our fair pricing and top quality. We go above and beyond “you get what you pay for” and create towels of exceptional quality that won't break the bank. Rather than spending less on more towels, investing in high-quality towels is more environmentally friendly, cost-effective and most importantly - less hassle!