UK Bed Sheet Sizes Chart Guide

This UK Bed Sheet Sizes Chart & Buying Guide will take you through each bedding size to ensure you get the perfect bedding to send you straight to cloud nine.

Here at Christy, we know how important a good night's sleep is. In the comfort of your own home, you deserve to feel as rested as you do after a night at a luxury hotel.

UK Bed Sheet Sizes Chart Guide

Standard UK Bed Sheet Sizes

Our wide range of bedding comes in various sizes, gorgeous fabrics, and a calming palette of colours to make your bedroom the perfect cosy space.

In our UK Bedding Size Chart Guide, we'll explore:

  • Common UK bed sheet sizes
  • How to choose the right bed sheet size
  • Types of UK bed sheets
  • What thread counts to consider 

For numerous years, our bedding experts have been producing stylish luxury bedding that makes your dreams that much sweeter. If you're in search of bedding that feels like hotel-quality bedding, Christy can provide you with that luxurious feeling at a reasonable price.

With Christy's endless choices of bedding, there really is something for everyone.

There are four common UK bed sizes you can expect to see:

  • Single size bed (also known as a twin size bed)
  • Double size bed (the UK's most popular bed size)
  • King size bed (the equivalent of a Queen size bed in the US)
  • Super King size bed (the extra width gives an additional foot of room)

If you’re unsure about your bed size, checking the care label (which should be on your mattress) is the easiest way to find it out - or, to get the actual dimensions, you could use a tape measure. However, the different types of beds usually come in standard sizes.

Type of Bed

Average Bedding Measurements (L x W; ft’ & in”)

Standard single mattress size

190cm x 90cm = 6’3” x 3’0”

Standard double mattress size

190cm x 137cm = 6’3” x 4’6”

Standard king mattress size

200cm x 150cm = 6’6” x 5’

Standard super king mattress size

180cm x 200cm = 6’ x 6’6”

How to Choose the Right Bed Sheet Size

More often than not, people get bed linen that corresponds to the size of their mattress - for example, a double duvet for a double bed.

If the size of your bed is in-between sizes, we recommend going up in bed linen sizing because, even if it isn't the exact bed size, at least your bed linen will fit your mattress and duvet.

The UK and Europe differ in bedding measurements so, if you purchased bedding from a European manufacturer, you may have a non-standard size.

However, getting the correct bedding size for your duvet and mattress isn't simply an exact size requirement. Choosing the ideal size of bedding for you also depends on what kind of sleeper you are

For example:

  • Do you prefer a heavier weight duvet?
  • Do you like a larger size duvet you can snuggle into?
  • Are there certain types of fabric that irritate your skin?

If you're someone who likes to have extra duvet cover material for cosy comfort, Christy has bed linen that goes up to super king sizes. 

So, even if you don't have a super king bed, but want the extra warmth from a king size duvet, we can help you peacefully doze off to cloud nine.

Types of UK Bed Sheets

In the UK, there are two main types of bed sheets: 

  • Fitted sheets 
  • Flat sheets

At Christy’s you can get both types of bed sheets in various sizes. Although both are essentially the same thing - a bed sheet - there are some notable differences between the two.

Fitted Sheets

The way to differentiate a fitted sheet from a flat one is its characteristic gathered and elasticated corners. Most people opt for fitted sheets for the various benefits they provide.

Makes Changing Your Bed Easier

A fitted sheet’s elasticated corners offer multiple benefits to users. We all know how laborious it can be to change your bedding, but the corners of a fitted sheet make it far easier to not only put your sheet on your mattress, but also remove it!

No Loose Corners

These gathered corners also make your bed space look neat and tidy - even if you haven't made your bed that morning! 

Plus, as the sheet is fitted to the mattress, you are less likely to have any ruching or loosening, meaning your sheet should remain soft and smooth for a seamless night's sleep.

Extra Mattress Protection 

Finally, the fitted aspect of the sheet provides another layer of protection to your mattress. Our 400TC range also has luxuriously soft deep fitted sheets to ensure your mattress is fully covered even if it’s deeper than a standard depth mattress, or if you have an extra thick mattress topper that might prevent a standard fitted sheet from fitting as perfectly as it should.

For extra peace of mind, mattress toppers are a great way to save your mattress from any accidental damage.

Christy's anti-allergy mattress protector, which comes in a range of duvet sizes, ensures you get the restful sleep you deserve.

Flat Sheets

A flat sheet is exactly as the name suggests - a sheet that is free of any elasticated qualities so it is truly flat. Yes, this may make it harder to put on your bed, but there are some benefits to opting for a flat sheet.

Easier to Fold

The flat nature of the sheet makes it far easier to fold, saving you time and effort. Plus, the place where your bedding is kept will look extremely neat and tidy!

Can Be Used on Various Sized Beds 

A flat sheet doesn't have to be used on its mirroring bed size, whereas a fitted sheet does. As you fold the excess material underneath the mattress itself, it doesn't have to be the correct size bedding as any extra material can be hidden under the bed. 

For example, if you have a child that will likely move from a single bed to a double bed sheet size, you could get larger size bed sheets so that you can reuse it. 

Use in Place of Your Duvet

In the warmer months, if you do not have the correct duvet tog for the season, you can always use a flat sheet in place of a duvet cover as it is thin enough to keep you cool whilst also providing you with the comfort of having something over you.

At Christy, our 100% Egyptian cotton bedding has a 200 thread count for a breathable and moisture-wicking layer of comfort even in those hot summer months. 

Available in seven colours and for various duvet cover sizes, you deserve a good night's sleep, every night.

Do I Need to Pay Attention to the Thread Count When Buying Bed Sheets?

When looking at bed sheets, you should always pay attention to the thread count, but this shouldn't be your deciding factor. The type of fabric, or fabric blends, of your bed sheet should also be taken into consideration. 

What Is a Thread Count?

A fabric's thread count is the number of vertical and horizontal thread per square inch of fabric - in this case, your bed sheet. Overall, the higher the number, the higher the density of threads within the fabric. 

The type of fabric can have an impact on the thread count of your bedding. Here at Christy, our bed sheets come in various bed linen sizes so everyone can experience our high-quality fabrics, from blends of cotton and polyester to luxury cotton sateen, which has a 400 thread count

However, our most luxurious bedding comes with a fine, high-quality thread count of 500! Our Supima Plain Dye Bed Linen gives you that premium, five-star hotel feeling at home.

The high thread count and sateen material offer the softest, smooth touch sheets, and the tonal satin stitching is the perfect finish. 

What Thread Count Do I Need for My Bed Sheets?

When choosing your bed sheets, unfortunately there is no perfect thread count number that guarantees a good night's sleep. 

Christy's thread counts range from 200 to 500 so there really is something for everyone. 

When deciding on fabric choice, you may also have certain requirements for your bed linen. For example, if you are an allergy sufferer, you may find that synthetic textiles, rather than natural materials, mean you get a more restful sleep. 

At Christy, we offer a range of anti-allergy products because we believe everyone should get the chance to fall into a peaceful slumber. 

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