Superior Soft Touch Anti Allergy Pillow

Soft/Medium. Great for sensitive sleepers.


Breathe a sigh of relief—even the most sensitive sleeper can rest easy on our hypoallergenic pillow.

Made here in the UK, we create our most hypoallergenic pillow by blending hollowfibre—fine strands of polyester spun with a hollow core that traps air—and microfiber. Then, we wrap it all up in a tightly woven cotton jacquard for a super smooth and comfy pillow.

Available in two options to suit different sleepers: a soft/medium pillow for those who prefer a squishier, 'sink into bed' pillow, and a medium/firm pillow for those who like a little more support.

Anti allergy. Soft/Medium. Great for sensitive sleepers.

Colour: White
Size: Soft/Medium Support Pillow

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