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Supreme Hygro Refresh Bundle

2 Face Cloths, 2 Hand Towels & 2 Bath Towels

£100.00 £79.90
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Step out of a hot shower and into the velvety hug of our most innovative and luxurious towel.

The Supreme Hygro packs a double punch: the plush pile is made of Supima cotton, an American variety that is softer and more durable than almost any other, and the yarns are spun with our patented hygro-cotton technology. Simply put, each fluffy cotton yarn is spun with a hollow core, making it even fluffier so that it dries you in record time. The result is like wrapping yourself in a warm cloud. It's no wonder this is a bestseller season after season.

Choose from a refined palette of opulent jewel tones or elegant neutral shades.



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