Iris Flower: In The Garden With Lucy

Although we may be in lock down, it is still important to be in touch with nature. Whether it is an orchid flower on your window or a daffodil in your garden, lets appreciate their beauty. This week in the garden with Lucy, we are showing our love for the Iris flower.

Dwarf bearded Iris flower
Plum Wine Iris Flower

This little stunner is a dwarf bearded iris called 'Plum Wine' and when it has its moment it is amazing. It is so velvety and rich and its shape is very elegant and exotic.

Irises have often inspired artists, from early Japanese art to van Gogh to Sir Cedric Morris (who also bred many beautiful irises). Little wonder when they turn up looking like the best dressed girl at the party, oozing otherworldly glamour.

Watercolour Iris flower painting
Watercolour Iris painting

Heather's beautiful painting captures this elegance and grace wonderfully, along with their irresistible colour and sinuous foliage.

Get creative with Christy and have a go at painting your own watercolour Iris flower. Art is a get activity to relax and take a breather! See our Senior Designers video of painting the plum wine Iris below.

Which flowers do you love? Comment below and let us know which flowers you would like to see being painted into a beautiful watercolour piece by heather. Or send us some pictures of the nature you are enjoying at your home during lock down!

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Iris Flower: In The Garden With Lucy