Ultimate Duvet Tog Guide for the Best Night’s Sleep

Welcome to our duvet tog guide. Here, you’ll find all you need to know about choosing the right duvet for a guaranteed good night’s sleep.

We all know there's nothing worse than a night of broken sleep. Having tossed and turned for hours, you "wake up" cranky, irritable, and not in the mood to deal with the day ahead. And, given that we humans spend, on average, one third of our lifetimes sleeping, that’s a lot of hours being clocked under your duvet.

That’s why getting it right is key - and finding what duvet tog is best for you is a great place to start.

Ultimate Duvet Tog Guide for the Best Night’s Sleep

In our duvet tog guide, we’ll cover:

  • What exactly a duvet tog is
  • Which duvet togs suit each season
  • Family things to consider when buying a duvet for your child or teen
  • Different types of duvets available
  • And much more

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What is a duvet tog?

Some people believe a duvet tog refers to the level of comfort offered by a duvet, but it actually refers to the thermal insulation - also known as the level of warmth - that your duvet provides. 

The higher the number of togs, the more cosy warmth you'll receive. 

Now, there are numerous levels of duvet tog ratings:

  • 1-4.5 tog duvets - the perfect range for warm, summer days
  • 7-10.5 tog duvets - the ideal all-seasons solution
  • 10-13.5 tog duvets - the right choice for the depths of winter

However, duvet togs can also be affected by the type of fillings used to create the duvet. For example, it usually takes more materials to create a synthetic duvet that has the same tog level as a duvet made with natural fibres.

All this to say, just because your duvet may look like the most plump and cosiest one you've ever seen, it doesn't always mean it's going to provide you with any extra warmth!

On those particularly chilly nights, you deserve a duvet that offers you a cosy warm hug as you sink into your slumber. At Christy, our range of high-quality duvets and pillows are a must-see. With options up to 13.5 togs, your dream sleep space is just a few clicks away.

Can duvet togs lose their value?

After continuous nights of blissful sleep, duvet togs can start to lose their levels of warmth as the fillings get less fluffy. Therefore, their level of heat retention starts to decrease.

If you ever find yourself reaching for an extra blanket on those chilly winter nights, you may need to replace your current duvet for a new one.

But until then, we have a wide range of luxurious snug throws that can offer you the ultimate comfort on the chilliest of nights.

Use our duvet tog guide to find your perfect sleeping solution

Finding the right level of tog to ensure you have a comfortable night of peaceful sleep can depend on various key factors, such as:

  • Body heat
  • Sleeper types, i.e. hot sleeper
  • The time of year
  • Environmental factors, like the temperature of your bedroom
  • If you share a bed

If all of these variables sound like a lot, do not fret. Here at Christy, we offer an array of comforting duvet options to truly transform your sleep. 

The best duvet tog for summer months

In those hot summer months, it is never more difficult to get a comfortable night of sleep. Therefore, it is best to opt for a thinner duvet that is towards the lower end of the duvet tog scale, such as a 2-4.5 tog rating.

When looking for a lighter duvet for summer, it is best to select one that uses synthetic fibres as these are often much more breathable than the natural fillings used in some duvets.

Our Luxury Microfibre 4.5 Tog Duvet is the perfect sleeping solution for those hot summer months. Designed with synthetic hollow fibre filling (100% polyester), the luxurious waffle microfibre fabrics will keep you cool all night long.

The best duvet tog for winter months

In the depths of winter when those cold nights seem like they are never going to end, a heavier duvet with a higher tog rating will give you the ultra cosy warmth you're looking for after a long day.

Most people find they get sufficient warmth from a 13.5 tog duvet, and we have the perfect winter duvet for you.

Made in the UK, our thickest and most plush offering is the Superior Soft Touch 13.5 Tog Duvet - the perfect sleeping solution for even the chilliest nights! This popular pick is a 100% polyester hollowfibre fill duvet made with a luxurious 230 thread count.

Our most luxe duvet also features anti-allergy properties because, at Christy, we believe everyone deserves to experience ultimate comfort. 

Is there a duvet I can use all year round?

If purchasing numerous duvets for different times of the year is out of your budget, but you still want a duvet that offers you comfort no matter the season, a 10.5 tog duvet makes an affordable alternative that is suitable for the entire year.

Both our Superior Soft Touch Anti-Allergy Duvet and Luxury Microfibre Duvet are available with a 10.5 tog rating. These picks make for an ideal all-season solution - no matter what your sleeping preference is. 

A duvet tog guide for all the family

Here at Christy, we offer duvets of all sizes - single duvets, double duvets, king duvets, and super king size duvets - so every member of the family can be taken to cloud nine. 

When deciding what tog rating would give you the best night's sleep, there are likely to be many factors that contribute to your choice. For example:

  • If you share a bed with a significant other
  • The type of sleeper you are
  • The ideal temperature of your bedroom

However, when choosing the right tog rating for your loved ones, specifically children and teenagers, there is a bit more to consider.

Duvets for children

We all know just how vital it is for children to get good quality sleep. Not just for them, but for us too!

The age of your child will factor into which tog rating is best for them. More often than not, younger children need lower tog ratings as this prevents overheating that thicker duvets can lead to. Usually, a 4.5 tog rating will be suitable for a child to sleep soundfully.

What duvet tog is right for my teenager?

Deciding on the right duvet tog for your teenager is a far less complicated process than choosing one for a child, especially as they are more likely to be better at regulating their body temperature so you don't have to worry too much about them overheating.

However, to prevent any arguments (always a must), an all-season solution - such as a 10.5 tog - may be the perfect compromise.

Types of duvet

Not only are there a range of duvet togs to figure out, but there is also a range of fillings for your bedding. These are usually split into two categories:

  • Natural duvet fillings
  • Synthetic fill duvets

It is important to take both the tog rating and the material into consideration when buying a duvet as it's one way to ensure you never have another night of broken sleep.

At Christy, we use polyester for the fill of our synthetic duvets as they are easily machine washable, more affordable than natural duvets, and overall easier to care for than a natural alternative.

Synthetic fill duvets can offer a similar level of warmth to natural duvet fillings, but if you want one with the same duvet tog rating, it may feel heavier due to the amount of filling required to reach that tog level.

Our wide range of synthetic fill duvets means there is a perfect sleeping solution for every type of sleeper.

Making the right choice for allergy sufferers

Duvets made with synthetic materials are also the perfect choice for allergy sufferers as the synthetic fillings are less likely to aggravate allergies unlike the natural materials.

At Christy, we have a range of duvets that we specifically created for allergy sufferers. Our Superior Soft Touch Anti-Allergy Duvets are designed with an Aegis anti-allergy treated hollowfibre filling and, with various togs to choose from, you can create the perfect hypoallergenic sleeping solution.

We also offer anti-allergy, softer pillows as well as pillow and duvet protectors in various sizes throughout our anti-allergy range, because everybody deserves to have the best of rest.