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Towel Offers

At Christy, we like to offer everyone the opportunity to own their own piece of luxury, which is why we’re offering select ranges of our stunning towels at sale prices. Take a look at our range of towel offers below, available in a range of colours, patterns and sizes, and introduce a touch of timeless elegance to your bathroom.

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  • Renaissance WhiteChristy Renaissance White
  • ParchmentChristy Renaissance Parchment
  • DriftwoodChristy Renaissance Driftwood
  • MinkChristy Renaissance Mink
  • PeonyChristy Renaissance Peony
  • FigChristy Renaissance Fig
  • Dove GreyChristy Renaissance Dove Grey
  • Ash GreyChristy Renaissance Ash Grey
  • Soft ChambrayChristy Renaissance Soft Chambray
  • EggShell BlueChristy Renaissance EggShell Blue
  • Fern GreenChristy Renaissance Fern Green
  • ChamomileChristy Renaissance Chamomile


  • Rialto WhiteRialto Towels White
  • Rialto Cream Rialto Towels Cream
  • Rialto AmethystRialto Towels Amethyst
  • Rialto SteelRialto Towels Steel
  • Rialto Aqua Rialto Towels Aqua
  • Rialto BlossomRialto Towels Blossom
  • Rialto CornflowerRialto Towels Cornflower
  • Rialto LatteRialto Towels Latte


  • Blossom WhiteChristy Blossom White
  • Blossom SilverChristy Blossom Silver
  • Blossom Blush Christy Blossom Blush
  • Blossom StonewashChristy Blossom Stonewash
  • Blossom Birch Christy Blossom Birch
  • Blossom Eggshell Christy Blossom Eggshell


  • LinenChristy Pimlico Towels Linen
  • SmokeChristy Pimlico Towels Smoke
  • Spa BlueChristy Pimlico Towels Spa Blue
  • EcruChristy Pimlico Towels Ecru

Prism Stripe

  • Prism Stripe Eton MessChristy Prism Stripe Eton Mess
  • Prism Stripe JungleChristy Prism Stripe Jungle
  • Prism Stripe Tutti FruttiChristy Prism Stripe Tutti Frutti


Available in 8 shades

Made with 100% Cotton, 600 GSM.

  • WhiteChristy Brixton White
  • LiquoriceChristy Brixton Liquorice
  • PebbleChristy Brixton Pebble
  • MagentaChristy Brixton Magenta
  • MidnightChristy Brixton Midnight
  • Peacock Christy Brixton Peacock
  • Brixton Saffron Christy Brixton Saffron
  • Brixton CinnabarChristy Brixton Cinnabar


Available in 8 colours.
Made with 100% Cotton, 650GSM.

  • Adelaide White Christy Adelaide White
  • Adelaide Dove GreyChristy Adelaide Dove Grey
  • Adelaide CreamChristy Adelaide Cream
  • Adelaide BlueChristy Adelaide Blue
  • Adelaide RaspberryChristy Adelaide Raspberry
  • Adelaide NavyChristy Adelaide Navy
  • Adelaide GunmetalChristy Adelaide Gunmetal
  • Adelaide AubergineChristy Adelaide Aubergine
  • Adelaide BirchChristy Adelaide Birch
  • Adelaide JadeChristy Adelaide Jade
  • Adelaide PaprikaChristy Adelaide Paprika
  • Adelaide PecanChristy Adelaide Pecan

Henley Stripe

Available in 3 colours.
Made with 500 GSM, 100% Cotton.

  • Henley Stripe BerryChristy Henley Stripe Berry
  • Henley Stripe BlueChristy Henley Stripe Blue
  • Henley Stripe Dove GreyChristy Henley Stripe Dove Grey


Available in 6 colours.

  • Madison White Christy Madison White
  • Madison CreamChristy Madison Cream
  • Madison Harbour Christy Madison Harbour
  • Madison SteelChristy Madison Steel
  • Madison NavyChristy Madison Navy


Available in 13 colours.
Made with 100% Compact Spun Egyptian pile, 650 GSM.


Available in 3 colours

Made with 100% Egyptian Cotton, 600GSM.

  • Soft ChambrayMandalay Soft Chambray
  • DriftwoodMandalay Driftwood
  • Ash GreyMandalay Ash Grey


Available in Linen.

Made with 100% Cotton, 550 GSM.


Available in 3 colours

Made with 100% Carden Cotton, 550 GSM.

  • WisteriaBeauvais Wisteria
  • Duck EggBeauvais Duck Egg
  • SlateBeauvais Slate


Made with 100% Cotton, 500GSM.
Available in 2 colours.

  • IndigoChristy Kalifi Towels Indigo
  • HarbourChristy Kalifi Towels Harbour
  • FuchsiaChristy Kalifi Towels Fuchsia
  • Dove GreyChristy Kalifi Towels Dove Grey

Kalifi Stripe

Made with 100% Cotton, 500GSM.
Available in 2 colours.

  • MultiChristy Kalifi Stripe Towels Multi
  • HarbourChristy Kalifi Stripe Towels Harbour


Available in 9 colours

Made with 100% Combed Cotton, 550 GSM.

  • AquaPortobello Aqua
  • LagoonPortobello Lagoon
  • Royal BluePortobello Royal Blue
  • SteelPortobello Steel
  • WhitePortobello White
  • HessianPortobello Hessian
  • SilverPortobello Silver
  • PeacockPortobello Peacock
  • LavenderPortobello Lavender
  • ApplePortobello Apple
  • LattePortobello Latte
  • CornflowerPortobello Cornflower
  • Deep PinkPortobello Deep Pink
  • BlossomPortobello Blossom
  • ButtercupPortobello Buttercup
  • GlacierPortobello Glacier


Available in 9 colours

Made with 100% Egyptian Cotton, 620GSM.

  • WhitePlush White
  • ShalePlush Shale
  • WisteriaPlush Wisteria
  • Duck EggPlush Duck Egg
  • StonewashPlush Stonewash
  • Soft GoldPlush Soft Gold
  • FawnPlush Fawn
  • CreamPlush Cream
  • DuskPlush Dusk

Supreme Capsule Stripe

Available in 5 colours

Made with 100% Cotton, 550GSM.

  • BerryCapsule Stripe Berry


Available in 2 colours

Made with 100% Cotton, 600 GSM.


Available in 4 colours

Made with 100% Cotton Sculpted Jacquard, 550 GSM.

  • GraphiteChristy Chevron Towels Graphite
  • RaspberryChristy Chevron Towels Raspberry
  • PetrolChristy Chevron Towels Petrol
  • Chevron WhiteChristy Chevron Towels White

Towel Offers

Since 1850, Christy has been infamous for creating soft and beautiful towels that are every inch of luxury. We only use the best quality materials to create our towels, with each product boasting 100% cotton properties.

With as much as 60% off your favourite range of towels, you can’t say no to a little indulgence.

Our towels make for the perfect gift, a comforting surprise for guests or the perfect addition to your own bathroom.