Towel Offers

At Christy, we like to offer everyone the opportunity to own their own piece of luxury, which is why we’re offering select ranges of our stunning towels at sale prices. Take a look at our range of towel offers below, available in a range of colours, patterns and sizes, and introduce a touch of timeless elegance to your bathroom.

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Available in 8 colours

Made with 100% Combed Cotton, 675 GSM.

  • Chroma WhiteChroma Towels White
  • Chroma Ash GreyChroma Towels Ash Grey
  • Chroma Dove GreyChroma Towels Dove Grey
  • Chroma DriftwoodChroma Towels Driftwood
  • Chroma LagoonChroma Towels Lagoon
  • Chroma CactusChroma Towels Cactus
  • Chroma CayenneChroma Towels Cayenne
  • Chroma OchreChroma Towels Ochre


Available in 8 colours

Made with 100% Turkish Cotton, 600 GSM.

  • Antalya WhiteAntalya Towels White
  • Antalya LunarAntalya Towels Lunar
  • Antalya DenimAntalya Towels Denim
  • Antayla SandalwoodAntalya Towels Sandalwood
  • Antalya JadeAntalya Towels Jade
  • Antalya StormAntalya Towels Storm
  • Antalya Rose PinkAntalya Towels Rose Pink
  • Antalya PumiceAntalya Towels Pumice


Available in 8 colours

Made with 100% Combed Cotton, 550 GSM.

  • Refresh WhiteRefresh Towels White
  • Refresh Ash GreyRefresh Towels Ash Grey
  • Refresh Dove GreyRefresh Towels Dove Grey
  • Refresh LilacRefresh Towels Lilac
  • Refresh DriftwoodRefresh Towels Driftwood
  • Refresh BambooRefresh Towels Bamboo
  • Refresh Dusty PinkRefresh Towels Dusty Pink
  • Refresh Duck EggRefresh Towels Duck Egg


Made with 100% Cotton, 550 GSM.
Available in 6 colours.

  • Blossom WhiteChristy Blossom White
  • Blossom SilverChristy Blossom Silver
  • Blossom Blush Christy Blossom Blush
  • Blossom StonewashChristy Blossom Stonewash
  • Blossom Birch Christy Blossom Birch
  • Blossom Eggshell Christy Blossom Eggshell


Available in 8 colours

Made with 100% Plush Turkish Cotton, 730 GSM.

  • Luxe WhiteChristy Luxe Towels White
  • Luxe PearlChristy Luxe Towels Pearl
  • Luxe French GreyChristy Luxe Towels French Grey
  • Luxe SootChristy Luxe Towels Soot
  • Luxe DenimChristy Luxe Towels Denim
  • Luxe SurfChristy Luxe Towels Surf
  • Luxe OpalChristy Luxe Towels Opal
  • Luxe BlackChristy Luxe Towels Black


Available in 8 shades

Made with 100% Cotton, 600 GSM.

  • Brixton WhiteChristy Brixton White
  • Brixton LiquoriceChristy Brixton Liquorice
  • Brixton PebbleChristy Brixton Pebble
  • Brixton MagentaChristy Brixton Magenta
  • Brixton MidnightChristy Brixton Midnight
  • Brixton Peacock Christy Brixton Peacock
  • Brixton Saffron Christy Brixton Saffron
  • Brixton CinnabarChristy Brixton Cinnabar


Available in 12 colours

Made with 100% Cotton, 550GSM.


  • Prism WhitewashChristy Prism Towels Whitewash
  • Prism Taxi CabChristy Prism Towels Taxi Cab
  • Prism OrangeadeChristy Prism Towels Orangeade
  • Prism Fire EngineChristy Prism Towels Fire Engine
  • Prism Very BerryChristy Prism Towels Very Berry
  • Prism Crushed GrapeChristy Prism Towels Crushed Grape
  • Prism Blue VelvetChristy Prism Towels Blue Velvet
  • Prism PoolsideChristy Prism Towels Poolside
  • Prism MojitoChristy Prism Towels Mojito
  • Prism AbsintheChristy Prism Towels Absinthe
  • Prism TarmacChristy Prism Towels Tarmac
  • Prism BlackoutChristy Prism Towels Blackout
  • Prism WhitewashChristy Prism Bath Mat Whitewash
  • Taxi CabChristy Prism Bath Mat Taxi Cab
  • OrangeadeChristy Prism Bath Mat Orangeade
  • Fire EngineChristy Prism Bath Mat Fire Engine
  • Very BerryChristy Prism Bath Mat Very Berry
  • Crushed GrapeChristy Prism Bath Mat Crushed Grape
  • Blue VelvetChristy Prism Bath Mat Blue Velvet
  • PoolsideChristy Prism Bath Mat Poolside
  • MojitoChristy Prism Bath Mat Mojito
  • AbsintheChristy Prism Bath Mat Absinthe
  • TarmacChristy Prism Bath Mat Tarmac
  • BlackoutChristy Prism Bath Mat Blackout
  • Prism Ultra VioletChristy Prism Towels Ultra Violet
  • Prism CoralChristy Prism Towels Coral
  • Parma VioletPrism Parma Violet Towels


Made with 550GSM, 100% Combed Cotton.
Available in 8 colours.

  • Rialto WhiteRialto Towels White
  • Rialto Cream Rialto Towels Cream
  • Rialto AmethystRialto Towels Amethyst
  • Rialto SteelRialto Towels Steel
  • Rialto Aqua Rialto Towels Aqua
  • Rialto BlossomRialto Towels Blossom
  • Rialto CornflowerRialto Towels Cornflower
  • Rialto LatteRialto Towels Latte
  • Rialto Terracotta Rialto Towels Terracotta
  • Rialto WineRialto Towels Wine
  • Rialto Bundle White/AquaRialto Towel Bundle White/Aqua
  • Rialto Bundle Steel/BlossomRialto Towel Bundle Steel/Blossom
  • Rialto Bundle Terracotta/SteelRialto Towel Bundle Terracotta/Steel


Available in 3 colours.
Made with 100% Cotton, 650GSM.

  • Adelaide RaspberryChristy Adelaide Raspberry
  • Adelaide NavyChristy Adelaide Navy
  • Adelaide BirchChristy Adelaide Birch

Carnaby Stripe

Available in 4 colours

Made with 100% Cotton, 550 GSM


  • Carnaby Stripe Berry Carnaby Stripe Towels Berry
  • Carnaby Stripe MultiCarnaby Stripe Towels Multi
  • Carnaby Stripe Neutral Carnaby Stripe Towels Neutral
  • Carnaby Stripe BlueCarnaby Stripe Towels Blue


Available in 12 colours

Made with 100% Cotton, 650 GSM

  • Kingsley Carnival WhiteKingsley Carnival Towel White
  • Kingsley Carnival SaffronKingsley Carnival Towel Saffron
  • Kingsley Carnival PebbleKingsley Carnival Towel Pebble
  • Kingsley Carnival VioletKingsley Carnival Towel Violet
  • Kingsley Carnival CoralKingsley Carnival Towel Coral
  • Kingsley Carnival SapphireKingsley Carnival Towel Sapphire
  • Kingsley Carnival SilverKingsley Carnival Towel Silver
  • Kingsley Carnival GraniteKingsley Carnival Towel Granite
  • Kingsley Carnival BlushKingsley Carnival Towel Blush
  • Kingsley Carnival Duck EggKingsley Carnival Towel Duck Egg
  • Kingsley Carnival EmeraldKingsley Carnival Towel Emerald
  • Kingsley Carnival PeacockKingsley Carnival Towel Peacock


Available in 4 colours

Made with 100% Combed Cotton, 550 GSM.

  • Lumo Dove GreyLumo Towels Dove Grey
  • Lumo CactusLumo Towels Cactus
  • Lumo CayenneLumo Towels Cayenne
  • Lumo OchreLumo Towels Ochre

Towel Offers

Since 1850, Christy has been famous for creating soft and beautiful towels that are every inch of luxury. We only use the best quality materials to create our towels, with each product boasting 100% cotton properties.

With as much as 60% off your favourite range of towels, you can’t say no to a little indulgence.

Our towels make for the perfect gift, a comforting surprise for guests or the perfect addition to your own bathroom.