The Best Bedroom Colour Schemes for 2024

Picking out the perfect bedroom colour scheme is never an easy task. You want something that reflects your personality but also feels relaxing to come home to after a long day. Sometimes, finding the balance between the two can be a struggle.

If choosing your new bedroom colour scheme has got you stumped, you're in the right place. In this guide, the Christy team share their best bedroom colour scheme ideas for 2024 to help you create the perfect cohesive space with minimal effort.

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Classic bedroom colour ideas

When it comes to classic colour schemes, nothing beats a sophisticated all-white palette. This look is utterly timeless so you'll never have to worry about it going out of style. And that's not to mention how effortlessly luxurious it looks.

To achieve this look, all-white bed linen is a must. Christy's 400 thread count Cotton Sateen Duvet Set is the ultimate in luxury, which makes it the perfect addition to your linen closet. These sumptuous sheets feel unbelievably soft on your skin, enveloping you in a warm and cosy embrace that you'll never want to leave.

One of the best things about an all-white bedroom colour scheme is that it's so versatile and easy to adapt as your tastes change over time. You can keep it minimalist if that's your preference, or add in pops of colour simply by making changes to your bedding.

A super simple way to do this is by adding colourful cushions like Christy's velvety soft Jaipur Cushion, which comes in a range of rich tones. Pair it with a matching Jaipur velvet throw against plain white bedding for a chic pop of colour that adds depth and intrigue to your space.

Relaxing and cosy bedroom colour schemes

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. It's the place you come to unwind and rest after a long day. So why not choose a colour scheme that reflects that?

Tranquil colours like pale greens or calming blues are perfect for reducing visual noise and helping you let go of any stress you may have. These colours are refreshing and peaceful, providing the ideal balance between stimulating warm shades and calming cool hues.

Christy's premium Egyptian Cotton Duvet Set comes in a beautiful shade of duck egg blue that is sure to imbue any bedroom with a sense of calm and tranquillity. Crafted using 100% Egyptian cotton, these sheets are the ones you need for a restful night's sleep, every night.

To make your bedroom that extra bit cosy, rich shades like forest green and teal are another excellent option. These colours are not bright but still feel uplifting, which gives them the power to warm up the space and create a cosy atmosphere. Choose bedroom accessories in these elegant shades to instantly invigorate your space.

Neutral bedroom colour schemes

For a relaxed, rustic feel, a neutral bedroom colour palette is the way to go. Choose warm brown and beige tones to create a space that is refined yet sophisticated.

Christy's Organic Retreat Duvet Set is perfect for this style of bedroom. Crafted from pure organic cotton, these sheets have a naturally creased look for a lived-in aesthetic and come in a range of soft neutral tones.

But a neutral bedroom doesn't have to be rustic if that's not your thing. Selecting polished wooden furnishings for your room can add a contemporary feel to the space that looks almost effortless.

Experimenting with textures can be a great way to add depth and intrigue to this style of bedroom. Try adding a thick knitted blanket like Christy's cosy Oslo Throw to your bed to compliment the smooth and polished look of your furniture and bring the space to life.

Vibrant bedroom colour ideas

If having bright colours in your bedroom is a must, then choose a vibrant palette that incorporates joyful hues of pink and orange. These colours are vivid and playful without being too intense, which makes them perfect for creating a fun and relaxed bedroom space.

One easy way to incorporate these colours into your bedroom colour scheme is by creating a feature wall that uses one of your chosen shades. Incorporate the other shade into your bedding, perhaps by setting vibrant cushions and throws against a neutral duvet set to make the colours pop.

Another effortless way to introduce a vibrant colour palette into your bedroom is by opting for patterns. Consider choosing an eye-catching patterned wallpaper, or opt for floral bedding like Christy's Suffolk Garden Print Duvet Set which would look beautiful set against a brightly coloured wall.

The best bedroom colour scheme for 2024, according to experts

According to Heather Hackett, Christy’s Design Manager, colours inspired by desert landscapes are in this year. ‘Think everything from pale warm tones through to pigmented hues and sun-tinged colours,’ says Heather. ‘These natural, neutral tones will bring a therapeutic quality to your bedroom and create a timeless appeal.’

‘Build vibrancy by pairing natural and pigmented hues. Oat, rust, and garnet tones are great for warming up your space, especially in the winter.’ Our Organic Retreat Duvet Set comes in a wide range of desert shades that are perfect for implementing this colour scheme in your bedroom.

Bedroom colour schemes inspired by the natural world are also a popular choice for 2024. ‘Adding blue, ocean-inspired tones to your bedroom has a deeply soothing effect, setting the mood for wellness rituals and restorative activities,’ Heather explains. ‘Similarly, organic greens and softer mid-tones provide a sense of comfort, bringing the outdoors indoors for restorative wellbeing.’

‘Tranquil blues, sage, and olive pair beautifully with natural hues like oat and stone.’ Try something like our Tranquility Print Duvet Set to add a sense of oceanic calm to your bedroom.

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The Best Bedroom Colour Schemes for 2024