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Celebrating the handcrafting heritage that has been woven through the lives of traditional Indian communities for centuries, SPUN partners with local craftswomen, known for their skill at intricate embroidery and the creation of striking handicrafts.

Creating handmade artisan items which are inspired by designs handed down through the generations, helps to transform the lives of these women and their families.



Through the skills and opportunities provided by SPUN, these expert makers see their incomes increase, and are empowered both professionally and personally. From having the ability to provide for their children to helping them pay for college and university degrees, they are able to fulfil not only their own dreams but also their families’ greatest hopes. Through their work with SPUN, these women are also spinning a new future for their communities.


SPUN products are made using recycled fabric waste, creating sustainable home furnishings which are inspired by India’s rich, cultural heritage. By purchasing SPUN products you are not only helping to make a positive and sustainable change but also actively changing someone’s life.

Better for our planet, better for you, better for our communities.


 Timeless Style. 

The patterns and textures on the SPUN cushions have a real rustic and artisan feel to them, which creates a popular timeless style. The monochromatic tones and similar geometric, striped and triangular shapes will be on-trend for years to come and match perfectly with most  interior colour schemes, meaning they are a worthwhile investment.


Conscious Living.

  • Made using recycled fabric waste, creating sustainable home furnishings.
  • Handcrafted with love, by talented women artisans in India, using time tested traditional techniques.
  • Empowering women artisans and actively changing their lives.
  • Creating a positive, sustainable future.


Ultimately Unique

Handcrafted intricately, with love and care, each creation by SPUN is much more than aesthetics. It is an impression of an artisan’s dreams, her hard work, her life, or you can say it is an extension of her soul! And it is this soul that lends every product of SPUN, a character of it’s own making it unique!

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